About Debora

” Debora Galan brings passion, style, charm and equally energetic
and delicate tones to this seamless work of art. ”
- Jazz Quarterly

Smooth Latin jazz vocalist and song-writer Debora Galan performs widely on the West Coast. She has also performed in Canada, Spain, and Mexico, and her music is played by radio stations around the world. She recently returned from a homecoming tour of the Mid-Atlantic, reconnecting with fans in Washington, D.C. area, where she started her singing career. Her powerful live performances drew fans and favor from radio hosts far and wide. Her album, All About Love, features original compositions sung in English and Spanish. Critics have praised her stirring vocal renditions and the rich and rhythmic arrangements that frame them.


Latest album ALL ABOUT LOVE

Arms of Love - Video

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2 days ago

The day started with a 2:50 a.m. wakeup to dress and stumble to the lobby and take the cab to Athens Airport. Coming home is always easy, because as we fly over Arizona and then enter into California, the breathtaking views of the terrai...

4 days ago

Back in Athens and last day of my trip. So profoundly grateful for this break, I almost don’t want it to end-just miss my kiddos. Life is good. Be grateful for the little things. Make memories. Other opportunities will come. Hope. Fait...

4 days ago

Last day in Santorini and heading back to Athens! What an amazing trip this has been. Despite my injured foot, I have enjoyed this much needed R&R. Not over quite just yet-2 more days! Finished my book (All the Light We Cannot See) and h...

1 week ago

Visited another part of the island yesterday, Pyrgos. Every town/village has its uniqueness, its artisans, its beautiful hidden corners. Touches of simplicity that are beautiful because of just that, its simplicity. A singular vine growi...