About Debora

” Debora Galan brings passion, style, charm and equally energetic
and delicate tones to this seamless work of art. ”
- Jazz Quarterly

Smooth Latin jazz vocalist and song-writer Debora Galan performs widely on the West Coast. She has also performed in Canada, Spain, and Mexico, and her music is played by radio stations around the world. She recently returned from a homecoming tour of the Mid-Atlantic, reconnecting with fans in Washington, D.C. area, where she started her singing career. Her powerful live performances drew fans and favor from radio hosts far and wide. Her album, All About Love, features original compositions sung in English and Spanish. Critics have praised her stirring vocal renditions and the rich and rhythmic arrangements that frame them.


Latest album ALL ABOUT LOVE

Arms of Love - Video

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4 days ago

Getting ready for today’s show. Though I’ve not slept well the past few days, I really wanted to get my workout in. It’s been a struggle to find the energy this week, only got in one other workout this week but am so glad for frien...

4 days ago

Performing was an absolute joy! So grateful for the opportunity. To every single person who showed up to support us, and support live music venues such as this historical gem-THANK YOU! You make the investment of time, money,...