Debora launches Gofundme Campaign for her All About Love CD Project

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Hey my friend,

Happy New year!!  It’s been a bit since my last blog, but just because I’ve been quiet doesn’t mean I’ve not been working hard! 🙂  As the subject line says, I’ve kicked off the campaign to raise the funds go into the studio that last push to get it done and finish what I stared two years ago (although it’s really been a lifetime in the making).  The process of writing alone is pretty intense, but so necessary if you want to say anything worth hearing.  At least, I hope you’ll feel that way!   To me, it’s putting my heart and all that I’ve learned on this journey out there for the world to hear.  It’s a scary thought sometimes that will stop you cold when you think about what you are opening yourself up to…because undoubtedly, there will be critics and judges…but t to be honest, as a songwriter and dare I say “artist” the one I’m trying to reach is you, the person who can relate and feel something through it.  Music is an emotional experience; it gets into your fiber and becomes a part of you.  That is what I hope and pray my music will do for you…that it will inspire you, that it will comfort you, that it will feel oddly familiar in a good way. Most importantly, I hope you feel the love and inspiration with which these songs have been created. May they give you hope for a better tomorrow.


Here is the link if you wish to be part of this creative process.  I am so very thankful to all who have encouraged me over the years to do this…thank you for believing in me. I hope I make you all proud.

Much love!



"Jazz Jam Sessions, 8.15.2014"

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