Debora’s Project: All About Love

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The working title of Debora’s CD is All About Love.

What is this CD really about?

Debora: In life we are surrounded by people with which we have and share an experience; it may a moment in time, or it may be something more, that lasts a long time. Ultimately, as souls on this planet, we are here to learn to love one another, to love ourselves, to love our Creator. The experiences I have lived thus far on my journey are complicated, some are very painful…but pain is most often a great teacher. It is from this place that I write, sometimes from a place of brokenness, other times from a place of hope.

Who else is involved in this project?

Initially, I had stared with another producer but the direction it was taking and the shift that “relationship” took greatly affected the energy surrounding the entire project; I felt I needed to make a change.  That process felt, in a small way, like a divorce. It was pretty devastating, but after several months of processing and learning from the experience, I felt ready.  I had some wonderful people walk beside me during those dark months, and am so very grateful to the East Family, especially James, Marcel, Cecilia, as well as my manager Kristie Beasely for encouraging me to forge ahead.  Through my circle of friends, I kept getting directed to Allan Phillips of Allan Phillips Music. I was a little leery at first, feeling apprehensive about the emotional investment I would again have to make, not to mention the financial one.  But after discussing the ideas, his philosophy and how he worked, it was clear to me that Allan was the right choice for this project.  I was elated to learn that he wanted to join me on this journey. He is such an accomplished musician/producer  and his World music influence and our shared Latin culture and love for our music is amazing.

I have also been joined by a wonderfully gifted team of professionals that are helping me with all the behind the scenes (website design-David Shyde, photography Sonora Leif Rowan, and David Shyde, etc.) “It takes a village” is not just a quote that applies to the raising of children but individuals who are building something with purpose. I am so grateful, so very very grateful to each one of you and the contributions of time, creativity, energy, friendship…

Also, although they are no longer with us, my parents are involved. It is for them and because of them that I am able to do this project. I feel their spirit and their love for me still, and is in large part what motivated me to do this–to honor them.

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